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Save the Nature to Save the Future-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey


Cross-border project

Save the Nature,
to Save the Future

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Recycle again

The recycling process helps to save raw materials and reduce waste.

Renewable energy sources

Sun, wind, tides and geothermal energy are naturally renewable or virtually inexhaustible resources.

Clean water and soil

Water, air and soil are very important for the human body, so we must protect them from freezing.

Safe environment

Following good practices continuously improve the environment by minimizing health risks.

Together in the future!

For the implementation of the project "Save nature, save the future" we successfully partner, both in Bulgaria and in Turkey with various organizations, municipalities, institutions, etc .

Everything you need!

All necessary materials for advertising and media activities related to the project "Save nature, to save the Future", as well as normative, informative, legal, etc. documents and filmolars.

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For additional questions, joining the project, suggestions and recommendations for environmental protection or check where you can find us.

News & Events

Training of farmers in Turkey

The training event was held on 07,08,09,10 September 2021 in Meric, Edirne, Turkey. With the telephone conversations, the farmers ...

The results of soil research in the region of Thrace were presented at a scientific conference in Dimitrovgrad
The results of soil research in the region of Thrace were presented at a scientific conference in Dimitrovgrad

A two-day scientific conference on Activity 9 of the project ...

Training invitation

The training for agricultural producers in Turkey will be held in the period September 7-10, 2021, in the hall of the ...


As part of the implementation of the project "Save nature to save the future", CB005.2.12.112, CEIBG Haskovo invites ...

Republic of TurkeyMeric Cahmber of Agriculture
Edirne, TURKEY
European UnionThe project was implemented with European Union financial support
Republic of BulgariaKRIB Haskovo
This website was developed under project CB005.2.12.112 "Save the Nature to Save the Future" and is supported with support from the European Union, through the Cross-border Cooperation Program Interreg-IPA Bulgaria-Turkey 2014-2020, CCI No 2014TC16I5CB005 .

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