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Save the Nature to Save the Future-Interreg IPA Bulgaria - Turkey




As part of the implementation of the project "Save nature to save the future", CB005.2.12.112, CEIBG Haskovo invites you to a Joint Conference on Environmental Awareness, which will be held on 19 and 20 August 2021. The venue is the KBS Conference Hall, 3 Himkombinatska Street, in the town of Dimitrovgrad. The start is announced for 10:00.
The conference will be attended by 25 representatives of the Turkish partner Chamber of Agriculture - Meric. They are farmers, people interested in the environment and issues of its protection, representatives of local authorities and others.
Lecturers at the conference will be prominent professors - specialists in the field. Prof. Alexi Alexiev and Prof. Ivan Manolov are long-term lecturers at the Agricultural University - Plovdiv and part of the research team that prepared the Study of the state of soils and soil resources in the Haskovo region. Prof. Ahmed Atakishi is a lecturer at the Thracian University in Edirne and participates in the preparation of the Study of the state of soils and soil resources in the district of Edirne. Together they will present the studies and focus on the most important aspects.
The survey was prepared for the benefit of farmers from the cross-border region. Along with the information on the current condition of the soils, it also contains important guidelines for farmers related to the optimal fertilization and achieving satisfactory yields of cultivated crops.

Republic of TurkeyMeric Cahmber of Agriculture
Edirne, TURKEY
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